7-Year-Old Drives Down Motorway At 75mph As Adults Yell ‘Overtake’

Kid overtakes LorryCEN

A young boy was filmed driving a car down a motorway at 75mph as adults with him laughed and yelled ‘overtake’.

In the dramatic video, the boy who’s believed to be seven or eight years old can be seen overtaking an HGV while he struggles to see over the steering wheel.

As he approaches the lorry the two adults in the car, who are presumed to be the boy’s parents, shout ‘overtake’ and give the child advice on how to overtake the vehicle.

Ironically, or hypocritically, the pair can be heard telling the boy he needs to indicate in order to safely overtake the HGV despite the fact it’s clear he isn’t wearing a seatbelt.

After overtaking the lorry the passengers both laugh hysterically and the woman can be heard saying: ‘We will practise some more, my dear’.

It’s believed the incident took place in central Romania’s Sibiu County in the historical Transylvania region.

Kid overtakes lorryCEN

The video has had a nearly half a million views since it was uploaded to Facebook and thousands more have shared their outrage at such a young boy driving on the motorway.

Many have pointed out the danger such irresponsible behaviour poses to other motorists and called on the police to launch an investigation into the incident.

As of the time of writing, there have been no further updates on whether any further action will take place.


Earlier this year a mother made a similar dangerous decision when she punished her son by forcing her little boy to cling to the boot of her car, while she drove off, refusing to let him get in the car.

Shocking footage filmed by a witness in Zhudong Township in north-western Taiwan’s Hsinchu County captured the moment the unidentified little boy was forced to cling on for dear life as his mother drove away.

The clip shows the boy and his parent arguing as he’s desperate to get in the car and she chases him away while the wailing boy shouts: ‘I won’t do it again. I really, really won’t.’


His mum refuses to listen though and won’t let him in the car and threatens to drive off, leaving the boy climbing onto the back of the car.

He raps on the boot as his mum starts to drive away but his mother then, shockingly, gets out and chases him off with an umbrella.

Hsinchu’s Department of Social Welfare has promised to look into the incident in order to determine whether there was any wrongdoing on the parent’s part.

Shocking footage emerged online last year of a four-year-old boy driving an SUV on a busy highway in Russia.

The young boy, who is clearly visible in the footage sat behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz SUV, drives at speeds up to 60mph, on a motorway in Moscow.

In the horrifying clip, the unidentified little boy can be seen swerving across fast-flowing traffic.


At one point, the child speeds past a truck and a huge tanker lorry, before he then tries to overtake, despite the lane not being clear of vehicles.

Makes you want to stay indoors!

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