71-Year-Old Woman Is Rescued By Ambulance She Donated 3 Months Earlier

Courtesy Beryl Good/Insider

A woman who donated an ambulance to help serve her growing community was rewarded when it picked her up after a fall just three months later.

Despite never having never been in an ambulance, Beryl Good wanted to make sure there were enough emergency vehicles to serve her community, reports Insider.

So after winning a raffle through St John, a medical charity in New Zealand, she and her husband Doug donated an ambulance to their neighbourhood in November last year.

They even gave it a name – Dobegoo – a combination of their first names and their last name.

Around three months later, Beryl slipped on her front porch, splitting her chin, and breaking her radius bone (a bone in the forearm).

AND, the ambulance that came to pick her up was none other than Dobegoo.

By this point, Dobegoo had already had travelled almost 20,000 miles and Beryl said she was glad to see that it was being put to good use. Because she wasn’t seriously injured, she was even a little bit excited to take her first-ever ride in an ambulance.

Beryl Good/Insider

She told INSIDER:

I looked upon it as an adventure really. It wasn’t really funny, but better to laugh than cry! The two girls who took me up to the hospital — one sat in the back and one driving — were super.

Beryl is recovering well, having recently been able to remove her cast and use a splint.

Stuff, a New Zealand media outlet, reports that Dobegoo continues to rack up around 6,200 miles a month.