73% Of Republicans Believe Trump Is Handling Coronavirus Well

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Aug 2020 15:30
73% Of Republicans Believe Trump Is Handling Coronavirus Well73% Of Republicans Believe Trump Is Handling Coronavirus WellPA Images

5,741,088 confirmed cases, 177,284 deaths, and not a national lockdown or mask mandate in sight. This is the current reality of the United States, but somehow 73% of Republicans think Donald Trump is handling the pandemic well. 

For them, it doesn’t seem to matter that other nations have been successful in rapidly slowing coronavirus cases by having clear rules in place.

It doesn’t matter that Trump pitched disinfectant injections as a way to stop people getting the virus, or that he’s flip-flopped on wearing a mask so much that he might as well cut one in half and string it over one ear, one nostril and half of his mouth.

Donald Trump wears a mask for the first timeDonald Trump wears a mask for the first timePA Images

For 75% of Republicans, the United States is better off today than it was four years ago, and 82% of those who believe that said it was thanks to their confidence in President Trump.

The statistics come from a CBS/YouGov poll released on Sunday, August 23, which found that most Republicans consider the US to be a nation where the economy is still fairly good and where the fight against coronavirus is going quite well.

For reference, the national unemployment rate is 10.2% and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) shrank by 33% in the second quarter, largely because of the pandemic and the Trump administration’s response to it.

CBS YouGove Republican pollCBS YouGove Republican pollCBS
CBS YouGove Republican pollCBS YouGove Republican pollCBS

The poll asked the opinions of 2,226 registered voters and was conducted between August 19 and August 21, during the week of the Democratic National Convention.

While 62% of all voters polled said the US’ handling of COVID-19 was ‘going badly’, only 27% of Republicans said the same, with the rest expressing their belief that it was ‘going well’.


When it comes to the amount of people who have lost their lives to the disease, 64% of Republicans believe there are actually fewer deaths than have been reported. An equal amount, each 18%, believed deaths are higher than reported, or accurate.

Trump Called Coronavirus 'Kung Flu' As He Announced He's Slowed Down TestingTrump Called Coronavirus 'Kung Flu' As He Announced He's Slowed Down TestingPA Images

More than half of Republicans, specifically 57%, believe the 170,000-plus deaths is an acceptable amount, while only 10% of Democrats and 33% of Independents said the same.

Interestingly, while 58% of Republicans said they supported the party because they believed in what it stood for, another 42% said they were Republican because they ‘disliked what Democrats stood for’.


Alongside the coronavirus outbreak, one of the most prevalent topics in the US at the moment is the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Matter muralBlack Lives Matter muralPA Images

Trump made his opinions on protesters clear when he promised to unleash military force against them, and a worrying number of Republicans appear to be on the same page as him, with 81% saying there had been ‘too much’ attention on discrimination recently.

In comparison, just 12% of Democrats said the same.


The poll found that Democratic nominee Joe Biden continues to hold a strong 10-point lead over Trump among all likely voters, 52% to 42%.

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