75% Of Americans Say Country Is Racist On The Anniversary Of George Floyd’s Murder

by : Julia Banim on : 24 May 2021 15:19
75 Percent Of Americans Say Country Is Racist On George Floyd Murder AnniversaryPA Images

One year on after the death of George Floyd, 75% of Americans believe the United States is a racist country.

This is as per the Axios-Ipsos Hard Truths Civil Rights & Social Justice poll, carried out between April 28 and May 4.


This same poll, which used a sample of 1,875, also found that ‘Black Americans are more likely to experience potentially dangerous interactions with the police’.

Protester holds up a Justice for George Floyd signPA Images

Market research and consulting company Ipsos has given the following statement on the findings:

One year after the death of George Floyd and the subsequent nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, America continues to struggle with resolving tensions between race and justice.

Our new Axios-Ipsos Hard Truths polling uses robust samples of white, Black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans to investigate attitudes towards the impacts of race, police reform, and differing lived experiences.

Most noteworthy is the finding that in traffic stops, Black Americans are three times more likely than white Americans to report police officers unholstering a weapon.


It was found that Black Americans were also nearly twice as likely (40%) to report additional police officers arriving at the scene than white Americans (22%), and were also far more likely (28%) than white people (17%) to report being searched following a traffic stop.

Protest in US against police brutalityPA Images

Although most Black Americans surveyed did indeed feel that there were positive moments in 2020, an ‘overwhelming majority’ expressed that there’s still a long way to go in terms of addressing racial inequality.

As per this poll:


The gap on racial issues between white Republicans and Democrats appears to be considerable, indicating the ongoing challenge for meaningful change.

Indeed, white Democrats are, in many cases, to the left of the Black community, regarding their attitudes on the subject, though their lived experience remains different.

White Republicans, meanwhile, reject the idea that additional change is needed to promote racial equity or the idea that race gives certain people advantages or disadvantages.

Just one out of three Americans (35%) agreed that the protests for racial justice seen throughout 2020 had positively impacted society, while nearly three out five (59%) felt the US needed to continue implementing changes to bring about racial equality.

Furthermore, less than one in seven (13%) believed the treatment of Black Americans by police officers improved during 2020. Most respondents (51%) felt it to be unchanged, while a third (35%) stated that it had actually gotten worse.

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