8-Year-Old Learns To Drive On YouTube And Takes His Sister To McDonald’s


YouTube tutorials have made it easier than ever to learn handy-dandy new skills as and when you need them , from tying bow ties to changing a plug there’s nothing you can’t learn online. 

In fact they’re so good that it seems you can even learn to drive from watching them, or at least that’s what one eight-year-old boy did.

Last Sunday an eight-year-old boy from East Palestine, Ohio ‘borrowed’ his dad’s work van and drove him and his sister to McDonald’s while his parents slept at home.


According to Mashable the young boy drove over a mile through four crossroads, one set of railway tracks without incident, he even managed to keep tot the speed limit and obeyed the law making it to McDonald’s without incident.

When the kids arrived at the restaurant  a family friend spotted them and informed their grandparents who called the police.

It soon became clear that the boy had learned to drive from watching videos on YouTube.


And in case you were wondering yes they did get to eat McDonalds, apparently enjoying cheeseburgers before the police arrived.

Not going to lie sounds like this kid’s driving puts some of my friends to shame.