£860,000 Drugs Haul Turns Out To Be Ground Up Haribo

by : Emily Brown on : 20 Mar 2021 11:04
£860,000 Drugs Haul Turns Out To Be Ground Up HariboPrefacture De Police

Police hoping to seize £860,000 worth of MDMA and ecstasy were met with a sweet surprise as it emerged the drugs were actually Haribo that had been ground to a powder. 

Earlier this week, the Paris Police Prefecture announced on Twitter that it had conducted a successful raid of synthetic drugs in Saint-Ouen, Paris.


The raid was thought to seize MDMA and ecstasy with a street value of more than €1 million ($1.2 million; £860,000), with the police saying it had targetted a packaging workshop for narcotics which ‘fed underground parties’.


Police provided evidence of the bust with two photos showing pink powder and bags of dozens of small pink pills. However, a toxicology report carried out on the substances on Thursday, March 18, revealed that all was not quite as it seemed.

Bobigny prosecutor’s office revealed that ‘the powder seized in the apartment was a neutral powder, not relating to narcotics or poisonous substance,’ Le Parisian reports.


Not only was the substance a neutral one, but it was apparently about as innocent as it comes, as a source close to the investigation said it was actually made up of ‘crushed Tagada strawberries’, a famous Haribo sweet with red colouring, a soft, grainy texture and strawberry flavouring.

It is not clear why the substance had been reported to the police as being illegal drugs, or why such large amounts of the sweet treat had been ground into powder. It’s possible those responsible wanted to make a mockery out of officers, but if so they certainly put a lot of effort into doing so.

Thankfully the investigation wasn’t entirely worthless, as police also uncovered stolen mobile phones as well as a machine used to manufacture ecstasy tablets and €800 in cash, Le Parisien reports.


A suspect was taken in by officers and will be prosecuted for concealment of theft as part of the investigations carried out by the officers.

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    The "drug" seized by the police was ... Tagada strawberry powder