91 Year Old Pensioner Faces Smuggling Charges After Being Caught With 4.5Kg Of Cocaine



If this pensioner is convicted, he will officially become the world’s oldest drugs mule.

Victor Twartz, 91, was caught with 4.5 kilograms of cocaine in his luggage at an airport in Sydney, Australia.

Twartz denies all knowledge of the drug, and claims to be the victim of a scam.

He says that he met two people in Delhi, who asked him to carry 27 packs of powdered soap for them, and insists that he checked the packages for drugs before his flight to Sydney.

He said:

I looked carefully what was in the soap.

I scraped it and it was certainly soap but there was these streaks of white stuff in between.

I thought it was additional perfume or that was the style of soap.

I am 1,000% against any drug. I don’t even drink alcohol.


The world’s oldest drug smuggler is 90-year-old Leo Sharp, but that record will be broken if Twartz is found guilty.

Currently released on bail, he is due to appear in court again in October. If convicted, he faces a life sentence.

It’s a funny one. Because, it’s plausible that he met two people, and he is a nice guy so agreed to take their ‘soap’ home for them, completely unaware. It’s also plausible that he is clutching at straws and is bang to rights.

The jury may have a difficult time with this one.