A 100% Definite UFO Has Been Spotted Racing A Virgin Atlantic Plane

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.10.36YouTube

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, finally some definitive 100% genuine proof that aliens exist.


I’ll leave that for you to decide, but this footage definitely shows an unidentified flying object zooming past a Virgin Atlantic plane after it had just taken off from JFK Airport in New York.

Whether there were aliens on board or not, I can only speculate.

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Rick, from LookNowTV who found the video, is convinced it’s genuine:

The person that saw this UFO at JFK films planes often and looks to catch UFOs on video.

I have no reason to believe this guy is a hoax. It’s really unidentified.

I shared it with my friends to get further opinions on it, and we could not come to a definitive conclusion on what the object might be so I decided to go with it and share it online.


Well, there you go. Mulder was right the whole time – the truth is out there. Maybe.