A Back To The Future GTA 5 Mod Exists, With Time Travel


There are a shit ton of mods for Grand Theft Auto 5, but I have to say that this new Back to the Future mod is categorically the best of the bunch. 

Fittingly titled ‘Theft to the Future’, this mod from Joshua Vanderzee isn’t fucking about. We’ve got accurate sound effects, the power of flight, and the ability to time travel – though only when you get the Delorean up to 88mph, of course.


According to YouTuber taltigolt (who uploaded the video below), the mod is still in fairly early stages. He reports that the game can occasionally crash when re-entering the world after time travel.

Still, for the most part, hopping between times looks as instant as it is the in the movies, which is impressive. Simply get up to 88, disappear, and pop up again in a different time.

I will say that you shouldn’t get too excited about the ‘time travel’ aspect. While it’s an impressive bit of tinkering, don’t expect to be jumping between the old west and the far flung future – all you’ll be doing is switching between day and night (still looks like a blast though).

If you fancy downloading this mod and taking the Delorean for a spin yourself, head here and get downloading.

Running the mod also requires:


Enjoy! Just make sure you don’t end up making your own mum want to sleep with you. Time travel can do that, apparently.