A Coffee Machine Is Going Viral For Sounding Exactly Like Britney Spears

by : Julia Banim on : 01 Jan 2020 18:26
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I have a very flat, monotone singing voice and am all too used to being outsung by more musical friends when it comes to karaoke nights.

However, I never thought I’d see the day when a coffee machine possessed a better singing voice than me, with the ability to carry at least a half-recognisable tune. And what a tune it is.


From Princess of Pop to iconic songstress, Britney Spears has influenced generations of singers with her catchy lyrics and raspy vocal chords. And it’s apparently not just humans who regularly find themselves humming along to a Britney gem…

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A woman from Pennsylvania has gone viral after realising the coffee machine at her hotel sounded uncannily like Britney belting out a rendition of classic female empowerment track, Stronger.

Philadelphia-based comedian Sam tweeted footage of the coffee machine that- despite lacking a slinky blank belly top – appeared to be channelling the early noughties spirit of the Louisiana pop sensation.


In a tweet that has since been liked well over 42,000 times, Sam wrote:

The coffee machine at my hotel sounds just like the intro to Stronger by Britney Spears.

Check out this rising star’s debut below:


People have rapidly fallen for this ambitious little coffee machine, which really should be given its own tiny yet brightly lit stage in Las Vegas.

Britney Stans flocked from all corners of Twitter to demand their Queen be released from the machine. And the coffee jokes, of course, poured in.

One person guffawed:

How would you like your coffee? STRONGER THAN YESTERDAY!


Another jested:

Coffee machine could have been on a remix or something.

See if you clock any similarities with this absolute classic of a millennium-era music vid:


Bizarrely, it would appear other coffee machines across the globe also have strikingly similar vocal chords to Ms Spears, begging the question as to who influenced whom to begin with.

One person tweeted:

Every time someone in my work puts on the coffee machine it sounds like the start of Britney’s Stronger!

Another claimed:

Our coffee machine sounds like the beginning of Britney Spears’ Stronger… and although I’m excited for the coffee, I’d prefer if somebody was actually playing Britney.

Britney SpearsPA

Britney herself has yet to comment on her new rival. It’s unclear at the time of writing whether the two divas will be heading off on a caffeine-fuelled tour together, or whether this plucky machine will be branching out with its own material.

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