A Conservative MP Says More Women Should Be Sent To Prison ‘For Equality’

by : Tom Percival on : 20 Nov 2015 17:58

A Conservative MP has made the bizarre claim that more women should be sent to prison to make them equal with men.


Philip Davies, the MP for Shipley in Yorkshire, claimed that men were being discriminated against in the British justice system because they received longer and more frequent prison sentences than women for the same types of crimes.

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Speaking at a parliamentary debate he said:

The facts and figures that I have set out show that there are certainly questions to be answered about how men are treated in the justice system, compared with women

It seems that there is clear discrimination against men. If outcomes are all-important, what do people have to say about that? What will be done to deal with that balance?


Another Conservative MP, Lucy Allan, interrupted Mr Davies asking how he would resolve the situation.

She asked:

Does my honourable friend therefore consider it desirable to have more women in the prison population, to achieve equality?

Mr Davies replied:

Yes, I would like to see more people in prison, but that is a debate for another day.

I would certainly like women who commit serious offences sent to prison in the way that men who commit serious offences are. I am grateful to my honourable friend for allowing me to make that point very clear.”

He then went on to criticise prisons for not making women wear uniforms.


Mr Davies used the debate, which was supposed to be discussing high suicide rates amongst men and International Men’s Day, to attack what he called “radical feminists” and “politically correct males” who pander to women.

He was also criticised by Labour MP Jess Phillips, who said that to her it felt like “every day is International Men’s Day”.

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