A Farmer Dug Up Ancient Woolly Mammoth Bones With His Tractor

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One farmer got the shock of his life when he dug up the remains of a woolly mammoth.

After digging in his field with his tractor, the Michigan farmer hit something he couldn’t quite identify.

At the time, James Bristle thought it was a ‘bent post’, only to later amazingly discover that it was in fact parts of a woolly mammoth.

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After further digging, and experts arriving on the scene, they also found tusks, as well as vertebrae, a pelvis, pieces of its shoulder blades, and one kneecap.

It is thought that the mammoth’s fore and hind limbs had been eaten before they could be found.

According to Dan Fisher, a professor from the University of Michigan, who helped excavate the site, the mammoth lived more than 10,000 years ago, and was around 40 years old, dying after most likely being hunted by humans.