A Fictional Hotel Is Being Reviewed On TripAdvisor


That’s right guys, but it’s just a bit of fun really. The place in question is the Grand Budapest Hotel from Wes Anderson’s 2014 Oscar winning movie. 

TripAdvisor users have been signing on in droves to leave their reviews of the fictional hotel – and with an overall score of 4.5, it’s fair to say that it is getting some pretty enviable feedback.


TripAdvisor do leave a disclaimer stating:

As seen in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. Have fun reading these reviews – go on, add your own! Just don’t try to book a visit here, because this fictional place doesn’t really exist.


Anderson has made the crossover from cult hero to mainstream success story in the last few years – with Grand Budapest achieving multiple Oscar nominations and picking up four awards at this year’s ceremony. He’s had an exhibition dedicated solely to him and been the hypothetical inspiration for an indie porno – not bad at all.


There are currently 269 reviews on TripAdvisor with 178 rating it as ‘excellent’ so if you’re planning a trip to the fictional Eastern European town of Zubrowka, be sure to look up the Grand Budapest – I hear it’s lovely at this time of year and Bill Murray can’t speak of it highly enough.