A Fifth Of Countries Set To Run Out Of Water By 2040

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According to a recent study, a fifth of the world’s countries will be suffering from acute water shortage by the year 2040.

The analysis, published by World Resources Institute (WRI), tracked climate change, population levels and rainfall patterns. It also ranked all countries in order of their chances of facing a water crisis.

The Middle East was found to be the most vulnerable region, with 14 of the 33 most at risk countries being found there, VICE reported.

The report stated: “The region, already arguably the least water-secure in the world, draws heavily upon groundwater and desalinated seawater, and faces exceptional water-related challenges for the foreseeable future.”

The United States, China, and India are also likely to become short of water according to the data.

these-nations-are-about-to-start-running-out-of-water-body-image-1440625892World Resources Institute

Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mongolia, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Peru, Chile are also flagged as being at ‘high risk’.