A Fisherman Spent Three Years Building A 24-Foot Long Lego Boat


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Everyone loves Lego but Scottish fisherman Jim McDonough, 51-years-old, loves Lego, boats and naval history.

So the next logical step was obviously to intertwine all his passions and spend  years constructing an array of huge, meticulously detailed and monumental navy boats.

His latest project, a 1:40 scale replica of the iconic WWII vessel the USS Missouri , took him three years to create. Judging by the pictures that was three years well spent.

The vessel, which was involved in various conflicts before being decommissioned in 1992, is now a museum ship that you can visit at Pearl Harbor. Or you could go to McDonough’s garage to see a slightly smaller version.

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He said:

At last its just about finished… Nearly 3 years building this one; 10,000s of parts. As for size, it now stands 4ft 6 inches high, 3ft wide and a massive 24ft 3 inches long. Not counted the studs LOL.

This is a 10-year-old child’s dream…

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