A Happy Reunion As Stolen Guide Dog Is Returned To Blind Owner After An Online Search Campaign

by : UNILAD on : 08 Aug 2015 19:24


When a young blind woman had her guide dog stolen, the internet stepped in, and now the pair have been reunited.


The visually impaired woman had her guide dog stolen from her in broad daylight, from outside a shop in Moscow.

A picture of the golden Labrador, Diana, was posted online, urging the dog thief to return the pooch.

A witness said that she saw a sighted woman with the missing dog on the metro, just after the incident, and the dogs collar with contact details was later found at a nearby station.

Yulia Dyakova relies on her dog in order to get around the city on a daily basis, and the outrage from fellow Muscovites lead to search teams and investigators looking into the theft.


Eventually, Diana was discovered in a rescue shelter.

Yulia said:

It’s Diana. Her nose, ears… Of course it’s Diana. Yes, it’s my dog. Thanks!

What can a person feel if their friend, their child is taken away? I don’t have children myself, Diana is like a child to me. I’ve been worried about her all the time. I knew what was going on with me, but I didn’t know about her, I didn’t know if she was fed and taken care of, if she was even alive.

People have been finding dogs and calling me, saying they found a similar doggie. I came at each call, and it was not Diana, it was clear for me in one moment.”

“I know the nose of my dog. My Diana is used to me touching her nose, and she never turned away. Same thing with the ears. One time they showed me a doggie, but I said that my Diana has softer ears.

Lovely stuff!

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