A Homophobe Picked A Fight With A Military Trained Gay Couple, It Didn’t End Well For Him


One violent homophobe in New York got his just desserts when he picked on the wrong gay couple.

Larry and Daniel Lennox-Choate, who have been married for two years after they met at military school, were shopping in Manhattan on Sunday when a man they didn’t know started spewing abuse at them.

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In a post on Facebook, Larry wrote that the man had “screamed anti-gay obscenities at us” before throwing a punch at Daniel.

What this guy didn’t know is that the couple each graduated from West Point Military Academy, where both men trained in boxing as cadets, as well as other high level military exercises.

So when Larry stepped in to defend his partner, it did not end well for the 40-year-old attacker who apparently left the scene “covered in his own blood” after Larry “tossed him in the street like the coward loser he is”.

It's hard to believe that in 2015 we would have to deal with anti-gay hate crimes in soho of all places but that's what…

Posted by Larry Lennox-Choate III on Sunday, 2 August 2015

Apart from a sore punching arm and a bruised lip, Larry noted, the couple were fine.

NYPD officers are now investigating the incident as a hate crime. No arrests have been made so far but it’s clear that the attacker learned at least one lesson the hard way!