A ‘Lethal Weapon’ TV Reboot Is In The Pipeline

by : UNILAD on : 04 Oct 2015 15:46
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We’re definitely not too old for this sh*t – Lethal Weapon is set to be the latest movie to be remade for the small screen.


The Fox Network has decided to turn the 1987 classic action flick into a TV show, no doubt spurred on by the success of numerous other film-to-TV reboots like Rush Hour, Uncle Buck, Training Day, Fargo, Minority Report and many more.

In the original, Danny Glover starred as a veteran police officer who is forced to work alongside a volatile new partner, played by Mel Gibson. Neither actor is expected to reprise their role for the TV reboot.

According to a report by the Hollywood Reporter, Fox has signed up to make a “put pilot” of Lethal Weapon. A put pilot episode is one which is virtually guaranteed to become a full series.


The series will follow a similar storyline to the original movie, which spawned three sequels, and will be written by Matt Miller, whose previous credits include Forever and Chuck.

The question is, will the Murtaugh of the TV remake always be just a couple of days from retirement?

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