A New ‘Booze Bracelet’ Ankle Tag Is On It’s Way To British Offenders Ankles

by : UNILAD on : 05 Jul 2015 12:14


A pilot scheme is being introduced in Britain after the Ministry of Justice allows judges and magistrates to fit ‘booze bracelets’ to people convicted of alcohol related crimes.


These tags check the wearers sweat every 30 minutes, and if they detect alcohol, it automatically alerts their probation officer. Depending on their sentencing, they can be recalled to court and even fined or jailed.


The tags have been launched in South London, as an alternative to prison for drink drivers or people who have committed violent crimes while under the influence.

They can be ordered to be worn for four months. If the wearer goes 120 days with no drinking, they receive a police warning and no further action.


Over 90% of the people put onto the scheme complied with the conditions.

It’s new to Britain, but it has been used in the states before.

Lindsey Lohan has had to wear one on more than one occasion.


The Home Office states that alcohol related crime costs £11bn a year, and over half the violent crimes committed are done by somebody after consuming booze.

A spokesperson said:

Too much crime and antisocial behaviour is fuelled by alcohol and committed by offenders who won’t control their drinking.

I want the police and other criminal justice agencies to have the very best technology available to help them take it on.

I’m not completely sold on the idea, personally. I mean, it’s obviously good if people stop drinking and turning into a dickhead. But as an alternative to a proper punishment? I don’t think so.


If you were the victim of a violent crime by a drunk person, and they got told their punishment was to wear an ankle bracelet for 4 months and not drink, you may be inclined to think that they got off very lightly.

What do you think?

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