A New Loophole Could Save You Hundreds Of Pounds On Train Tickets


Given that train ticket prices in the UK have reached alarmingly high levels, it’s no surprise that people are pretty delighted to have discovered a hack which could save you hundreds of pounds on travel.

While many young people have railcards to get cheaper fares, and others snap up the ‘cheapest fare’ option on the National Rail website on a daily basis, it now turns out there’s another way to get an even better deal on some routes.

The secret is splitting tickets, wherein you pay for your journey in more than one part.

For instance, according to the Metro, a trip from London Victoria to Gatwick airport costs £30.80 for an adult advanced anytime ticket, but splitting the ticket only costs £22.20.

Basically, rather than input your journey as London Victoria to Gatwick – input London Victoria to East Croydon (£5.90), then East Croydon to Gatwick (£5.20). Then just reverse it for the return journey.

Apparently, there are loads of examples of this method working for routes up and down the country, with several websites dedicated to the awesome loophole.

The best of the bunch is probably splitticketing.com, which allows you to save even if you book on the day of departure.

We’ll definitely be using it regularly from now on!