A Parasite Was Found Living In A Woman’s Brain, It’s The Stuff Of Nightmares



When one woman went to the doctors complaining of headaches, she probably expected to be sent home with some painkillers.

However, for Yadira Rostro, the problem was far more horrifying than a simple migraine.

She was told by doctors that there were sacs of larvae from eight tapeworm eggs in her brain.

It’s thought the parasites were picked up when Rostro was on holiday in Mexico, after eating some contaminated food.

Yadira Rostro’sElite Readers

The parasites then reached the 31-year-old’s brain through her bloodstream, causing nine months of headaches.

Ms Rostro, from Garland, Texas, claimed:

Sometimes my sight was impaired… I could not see properly.

She will make a full recovery according to her doctor, but it’s still fairly gruesome stuff.