A Penis Activist Is Trying To Get Everyone Talking About Harry Styles’ Foreskin


A pro-foreskin penis activist is trying to get people talking about Harry Styles’ uncircumcised penis.

Glen Callender is the founder of the Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project, or Can-FAP for short. He’s at the forefront of the movement to preserve the world’s foreskins, and he wants to let everyone know that Styles is uncircumcised to help raise awareness of the issue.

If it’s good enough for Harry, it’s good enough for you.

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Basically, he says that circumcision is a cultural idea rather than something that can bring health benefits, and he wants people to embrace their foreskins.

His choice of Harry Styles as a figurehead for this movement stems from the rumour that Harry allegedly dumped Taylor Swift because she kept mocking his foreskin.

He told Noisey:

Well, One Direction, of course, are all British except for I think one who is Irish and I’m quite confident most if not all of their cocks are intact, and that’s what we want. I think a lot of their fans don’t even understand that these young beautiful men they idolise have all their penis intact, so we have to educate them. That’s the point of all this. We have to go out and change these perceptions that foreskin is yucky and gross.

Right then, mate.