A Police Officer Violently Throws A Female Student Around The Classroom



A police officer was called into Spring Valley High School in the United States to help remove a child from class. Students filmed what turned into a ludicrously violent incident. 

Officer Ben Fields can be heard a couple of times asking the girl to stand up before he grabs her by the arm and throws her around like a doll.

“You’re either going to come with me, or I’m going to make you,” he says.

“Come on, I’m going to get you up.”

Multiple angles were recorded by fellow students.


Here’s a full length YouTube clip with a few recordings and some muffled audio longer than 15 seconds…

“I’ll put you in jail next,” you hear the officer saying to the other kids starting to question his actions. Sounds like a classic line from a f*ckwit on a power trip.

The exact details as to why an officer was called into this situation is unclear. Journalists are trying to get to the bottom of it.


Officer Ben Fields seems like he is making a habit out of this behaviour.

According to heavy.com he has previously been accused of “unlawful battery and assault” against a student in 2013.

Mr. Fields is also the strength coach at Spring Valley and he is a power lifter. Videos on YouTube show him lifting large weights and squatting 940 pounds (426kg). To use such strength on a teenage girl is cowardly.


The Richmond County Sheriff has told the local news station WISTV 10 that office Fields has been suspended pending an investigation.