A Public Argument Saved This Couple From The Paris Attacks

Untitled-1The New York Times/YouTube

In one of those incredibly lucky twists of fate that occasionally save people from tragedy, this couple were stopped from being killed at a cafe in Paris on Friday because they had an argument.

Quentin Bongard and his girlfriend were eating outside the La Belle Equipe restaurant when they had a disagreement – he left and she went inside to pay, he told iTELE in an interview.

That’s when the terrorists opened fire on the customers eating outside the cafe with a barrage of bullets.


Bongard said his girlfriend hid behind a sofa in the building until the shooting was over, the Huffington Post reported.

He added: “Luckily we fought, because if we hadn’t, we would both be dead now.”

The New York Times reported that the gunmen killed 19 people and critically wounded a further nine at the cafe.

The Times also posted a translated version of the original French interview: