A Second Tunisian Attack Is Foiled As 5 Suspected Terrorists Are Killed In Firefight

1Bruce Adams

As holiday makers are being evacuated following an ISIS attack warning, a firefight took place between suspected terrorists and Tunisian special forces.

Less than a week after the Tunisian government declared a state of emergency, a battle has taken place near the town of El Ktar in the Gafsa region.

The Tunisian Interior Ministry has said that security forces have killed five men that are believed to be terrorists.

The army operation took place just a few weeks after the unman attack in Sousse, that killed 38 holiday makers.

Security forces tracked down 8 men, believed to be preparing a second attack on tourists. they chased them into the mountains, and killed five of the men, with three escaping. The operation is still ongoing.

The Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid said that his government ‘did everything in our power to protect (British) citizens and their interests, as well as those of all other countries’.

ISIS gunman Abu Yahya al-Qayrawani  walking on Sousse beach carrying his gun.

ISIS gunman Abu Yahya al-Qayrawani walking on Sousse beach carrying his gun.

As well as those killed in the attack and their families, I also feel sorry for the people of tunisia that are going to be hit massively by all of this. A great deal of income comes in through tourism, and understandably, that’s going to take a huge hit. My parents actually stayed at the hotel in Sousse, and when they came back they kept going on about how amazing and lovely the people there are. So much so, they went back for a second time last year.

Hopefully they’ll be able to crack down and eliminate future problems, and get back to normal soon.