A Tattoo Artist Will Now Remove And Preserve Your Dead Relatives’ Body Art


Now a tattoo isn’t just for life, it’s forever!

Save My Ink, set up by the National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA), allows grieving relatives to have a more vivid reminder of the deceased than a simple urn on the mantelpiece, offering to preserve their tattoos for posterity.

The rather macabre process involves the funeral home cutting out the dead tattooed skin and then preserving it with chemicals to stop it decaying. It’s then framed and sent to the loving relatives so they can hang the decaying skin of a beloved family member on their wall in remembrance. As you do…


According to Save My Ink, the process allows tattoo enthusiasts to bequeath an actual part of themselves “just like a house, wedding ring or any other cherished possession”.

Explaining the thinking behind the idea, executive director Charles Hamm said:

You would never burn a Picasso or any piece of art you invest in and had a passion for. Your tattoo is also art with a unique story, just on a different canvas.


It’s a fair point. Art should be celebrated and all that!

You can join NAPSA today for $115 (£75) and pay yearly dues of $60 (£40) to get a shiny new certificate and the knowledge your art will last forever. Plus your relatives will receive a cool $2,000 (£1,300) from the organisation for preserving your tat after your death.

The unique service was officially launched in the U.S. last week and has already successfully preserved 21 tattoos – with 100 per cent accuracy – so it really does work!