A Very Familiar Pokemon Location Remade In Unreal Engine 4


Pokemon is currently enjoying its 20th anniversary, and one fan has decided to get in on the birthday shenanigans by using Unreal Engine 4 (what else?) to recreate Ash Ketchum’s bedroom from the Pokemon animated series. 

This effort comes from Julian Perez and acts a pretty great homage to the beloved franchise. There’s a wealth of detail, and you’ll probably need to watch it a couple of times to spot all the cool shit Perez has managed to cram in.

Among other things, you can see Ash’s hard earned gym badges, his balls on the table (grow up), and his trusty Pokedex. If you listen closely, you might even be able to hear Professor Oak banging Ash’s mum in the other room. That could just be my imagination though.

Perez points out that the recreation isn’t 100% faithful to the way the room appears in the anime:

It turned out being almost a blend of multiple points in time in the series. I also went ahead and designed a user interface of what I imagined Pokedex software would look like on a PC.

He also explained that he’d been working on the video for quite a while, but was inspired to finish it by the recent announcement of Pokemon Sun/MoonCheck it out below.

There’s plenty of Pokemon love going around this year. The original Red and Blue are currently available for 3DS, and Pokken Tournament is a ridiculous but fun looking Tekken crossover that comes to Wii U this Summer. We’ve also got the smartphone game Pokemon GO to look forward to, but we don’t really know when that’s coming out.