A WWII Concentration Camp Will Be Turned Into A Luxury Beach Resort


Montenegro’s government has approved plans to transform a former World War II concentration camp into a luxury resort and it’s pretty messed up…

The decision has been met by understandable anger by families of those who were imprisoned on Mamula Island while it was occupied by Italian forces.

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According to Forbes, their plans are to transform the rocky island into a retreat for wealthy individuals.

The fortress would be restored with an overflow pool and palm trees, nightclub, spa, restaurants, VIP area, a beach club, a dance floor for parties and a marina for those billionaires superyachts (obviously).

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The circular island – also known as Lastavica – is dominated by a fort that was built in 1853 under Austro-Hungarian rule to prevent naval attacks.

Over 160 years on, the island is uninhabited and the fortress remains unused, but during the war it witnessed some shocking atrocities, when it was converted into a concentration camp that held more than 2,000 people.

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Dozens of prisoners were tortured and killed, while others died of starvation.

However, in an attempt to appeal to tourists, Montenegro’s government advertised the investment opportunity back in December 2013 and agreed a 49-year lease deal with Switzerland-based Orascom Development Holding AG.

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The deal was approved this week, paving the way for the island to be transformed into a four- or five-star resort. It’s believed the £15 million project would create 200 jobs.

A report by Balkan Insight said the plans have angered families of residents who were imprisoned there. They pleaded with the government to reconsider their decision, but appeals were ignored.


I think this could be a bit of a hard sell to tourists…