Aaron Paul Says He Wants To Return As Jesse Pinkman


Back in September 2013 over ten million people tuned in to the season finale of Breaking Bad. The majority of which found it utterly flawless. 

Sometimes masterpieces, such as Breaking Bad, are best left alone – however that isn’t to say that we’re not all secretly desperate to see Walt and Jesse back in action once again, reports TV Line.

In the final episode of Breaking Bad (if you’ve not seen it, you might want to stop reading – but c’mon, it’s been four years…) Walt and Jesse’s troublesome and fractured father and son style relationship was rekindled in the beautiful terminal seconds of the series. But could we see Jesse Pinkman again?

Appearing on the The Ellen Show yesterday Paul dropped some pretty big hints that he’ll be featuring in the third season of Breaking Bad‘s prequel, Better Call Saul.

Jumping to the point, Ellen asked Aaron ‘will you be on Better Call Saul?’.

Aaron replied:

God, I hope so. Maybe I already shot the… They just wrapped up the last season so maybe I could be on it. I would love to be on it.

I guess Christmas just came very early.

Yeah bitch.