Ace Ventura Is Being Brought Into The 21st Century


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After selling most of their movie catalogue due to a financial collapse, American film studio Morgan Creek Productions recently managed to hold onto three of their best known titles, The Exorcist, Young Guns and Ace Ventura.

Now, there is word of all three of these films being remade.

However, the rumours of Ace Ventura being brought into the 21st century are currently making the most noise – and if said rumours do materialise, will comedy legend Jim Carrey be involved?


It’s quite difficult to imagine a Carrey-less Ace film, and if he doesn’t sign on, we imagine there won’t be much demand for it. After all, who else can exit the back of a rhino like him?

He did, however, recently star in a Dumb and Dumber remake, so there is a glimmer of hope at least.