Acid Added To Nightclub Lubricant Dispenser In Sick Homophobic Attack


A man has been arrested and charged after a horrific homophobic attack in which he allegedly poured hydrochloric acid into a lubricant dispenser at a gay club.

Police said the 62-year-old man went into the Aarows club, which describes itself as ‘Sydney’s gay and bi social club’ with three levels of ‘adult adventure’ reports ABC.

Club security managed to stop the man before calling police as apparently, the dispenser had been fitted with alarms as – unbelievably – they’d been tampered with in a similar way before.


Hydrochloric acid is an extremely strong, corrosive acid which produces serious burns, ulcers and scars when it comes into contact with skin – so really not what you want when you think you’re getting lubricant.

The man has been charged with a whole load of offences, including administering poison with the intent to cause injury, distress or pain, and malicious damage.

One clubber, who wished to remain anonymous, said:  

It was a sick thing to do, there could have been a lot of damage. Hydrochloric acid is not the best sort of thing to be playing with.

When asked what they suspected had motivated the incident, they replied: “It could be anything really. People are perverted.”

The suspect has been granted bail before appearing in court next month.

Who the hell would do something like that?