Activision Tease New Black Ops 3 DLC Multiplayer Map “Skyjacked”


If you fancy a cheeky Monday sneak peak, take a look at the new teaser Activision have dropped for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC map, Skyjacked. It’s part of the new Awakening content pack, and it looks pretty cool. 

Attentive fans of the franchise will notice that Skyjacked is in fact a re-jigged version of Black Ops 2’s Hijacked map. The latter map was set on a fancy yacht, whereas this new addition takes place aboard a science fictionesque flying ship, thereby becoming roughly 1000% cooler than its predecessor.

Skyjacked is one of four maps that come as part of the Awakening pack, the others are called Rise, Splash, and Gauntlet. All four will land on PlayStation platforms first as part of an exclusive deal that Sony made with Activision back in 2015.

So, PlayStation users can enjoy this upcoming DLC pack from the 2nd of February, while Xbox and PC users will have to scrabble around in the dirt like commoners till the 2nd of March.