Activist Goes Off At Fox Host Saying “Black Culture” Causes School Violence


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I have never seen this particular segment of Fox news titled “Fox Faceoff”. It’s the type of name that immediately indicates there’s going to be a rivalry – a competition – and that shit will get hectic.

In this particular segment from Tuesday night in the United States…shit definitely got hectic.

Activist Quanell X was invited on to chat to conservative host Angela Box about the cop in South Carolina that threw a teenage girl around the classroom.

We covered that story a week or so ago here.

What starts of as a calm discussion quickly gets emotional and escalates.

I personally do think it was justified for the cop to be fired after throwing a kid around like he did, plus he already had accusations of ‘battery and assault’ in 2013. That’s enough (rather unprovoked) fuck ups in his line of work.