Activists Dangle Off Portland Bridge And Block Off Shell Oil’s Arctic-Bound Ship



Greenpeace USA activists dangled from a bridge in Portland, forcing a Shell Oil ship to return to the dock, instead of head to the Arctic to start drilling.

A group of protesters rappelled from the bridge and hung there, so that the ship couldn’t pass.

The Shell ship was stationed on the Willamette river for repairs, and was due to return to the Arctic’s Chukchi Sea to continue drilling fr oil.

The ship is the MSV Fennica, which had previously got all the way to the Arctic, before it was discovered to have a 39 inch gash in it’s side, so had to return to be repaired. Greenpeace activists caught onto it’s whereabouts, and blocked the ship in. They dangled from the bridge on rappel lines, with hanging sleeping pods, stopping the Fennica from rejoining it’s fleet.