Adam Deacon Found Guilty Of Sending Abusive Messages To Noel Clarke


Kidulthood actor Adam Deacon has been found guilty of posting abusive messages about former acting colleague and director Noel Clarke on social media.

The 32-year-old allegedly sent Clarke a ‘barrage’ of threatening messages following a falling out over the title of 2011 comedy-spoof film Anuvahood.

Deacon blamed Noel Clarke for ‘sabotaging his career’ and attacked him on social media multiple times, for all to see. He also accused him of being a bully.


Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court in London heard that Deacon had executed these attacks in ‘hundreds of consistent and continuous posts on Instagram and Twitter’.

District Judge Shenagh Bayne told Deacon upon finding him guilty:

I am satisfied that all of the messages that you sent out were sent out in the context of an ongoing grievance that you have got with Noel Clarke. And that clearly is a long-standing grievance – it goes back many, many years.

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Clarke allegedly told the court about how he had helped to launch Adam’s career by choosing him as one of the lead actors in his films Kidulthood and Adulthood. In the latter, the pair have an infamous showdown.

Judge Bayne also added that Deacon would have known the response his messages would have received and by posting pictures of Clarke’s family, he had ‘made veiled threats’.

The details of the charges are not currently known.