Adam From Love Island’s Childhood Picture Shocks Everyone

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Adam CollardAdam Collard

Old photos of Love Island contestant Adam Collard have surfaced and people are shocked at how different he looked when he was still a teenager compared to now.


Very few things in this world are ever certain; taxes, death and puberty kicking in at the most awkward stage in your life. Admittedly it can hit young men and women at different stages, some develop earlier than others, while some are late bloomers.

More often than not when you look back at those embarrassing photos you’d scarcely believe it was you in there. This can certainly be said for Mr Collard.

Photos from his past show a vastly different person to the one we see now on ITV’s popular reality show and fans are unsure how to react.


I’ll put my hands up and admit that I don’t watch Love Island, not because I’m elitist or think I’m better than the people on the show or those who watch it. It’s simply because I am not the target audience, however, I do understand the appeal.

I am not so tone deaf as not to realise a huge share of the UK population love a bit of ‘romance’, they also love a bit of scripted unscripted drama. Mix the two together and you may well have a show similar to Love Island.

But I digress, let’s return once more to the subject of Adam…

The show’s contestants look like they’ve come straight out of the pages of an underwear and lingerie catalogue. You’d be forgiven in thinking they were all born this way, but you’ll be happy to know they too were once like us; spotty, hunchbacked and still carrying a bit of puppy fat – which is perfectly fine and nothing to be ashamed.

It’s certainly the case for young Adam, whose photo was revealed on the Twitter account @LIReactions. When most people think about the Geordie contestant, thoughts range from his washboard abs to his finely chiselled jaw (this is all based on assumption btw).

What they don’t think of is a pubescent kid from Tyne-side wearing a football shirt who looks as if his coach had to do the dreaded double-sub. But that is where we are, the reveal of his photo from his teen years proves even the most devilishly good-looking individual wasn’t carved out of marble stone.


They too had to deal with the acne, a broken voice and questionable fashion choices. Oh, to be young again.

With the latest series of sun, sea and debauchery beginning to heat up fans will be keen to learn about the people who will dominate TV and social media accounts for the next eight weeks – plus any time added on for when contestants attempt to milk their fame post-Love Island.

Some true reality TV fans might realise they’ve seen Adam Collard before.

There’s already been some great gossip revealed about this year’s Love Island stars – including the fact contestant Wes Nelson once spent £1,000 on a first date. Must be nice to have that luxury, I’m lucky if I have £80 left in my overdraft to last me till the next payday. While this news is something Wes can show off about, Adam has made some statements recently he may be regretting.

Despite his recent negative comments regarding the show, Adam Collard has been spotted elsewhere on British television – MTV’s Geordie Shore.

MTV’s Newcastle-based reality TV show, Geordie Shore, first aired in 2011, and has been displaying the drama and antics of drunken Geordies ever since. Think Love Island, but fewer beaches, stronger accents and more nightclubs.

In 2016, the two worlds collided, as 2018 Love Island contestant and Newcastle gym owner, Adam Collard appeared in one of the Geordie Shore nightclub scenes.

The footage has come to light after Adam claimed he’d turned down the chance to join the cast of Geordie Shore, explaining he was ‘not that type of person’.

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