Adele Massively F*cks Up Live On Stage, But Everyone Loved It

by : UNILAD on : 27 May 2016 09:45


It turns out that even the biggest superstars in the world fuck up every now and then…


According to footage posted to Twitter, the singer got herself into a bit of a jumble, reports Mashable.

She fumbled the opening lines to 25 track A Million Years Ago singing the verse instead of the chorus while onstage in Lisbon.

But, like a true pro, rather than going to pieces in front of her sell-out audience, she stopped the song entirely to have a good laugh at herself: 


Shit, shit, wrong words. Should I sing the right words? Sorry! I’ve started singing the verse instead of the chorus!

The 27-year-old is nearly half way through her Adele Live 2016 world tour, which kicked off in Belfast in February.


She is due to hit North America over the summer, before winding up the tour in Mexico in November.

And it’s not surprising she’s in such high demand – 25 shifted 3.38 million copies in its first week of release in the U.S.

Even with those seriously impressive numbers it’s good to see that she can still have a good old laugh at herself.

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