Adolf Hitler’s Bodyguard Reveals Exactly What Happened In Moments Before His Death


One of the last men to see Hitler alive, his bodyguard Rochus Misch, has revealed a fascinating insight into the private life of the infamous war criminal during his final days.

In his book Hitler’s Last Witness, Misch explained Hitler’s reaction to being told the remnants of the German army had failed to break the Soviets who were surrounding Berlin and that the war was over.

According to Misch, Hitler took his wife Eva Braun and several of his inner circle into a meeting room and Misch was told not to disturb them. Soon after the door opened and inside Misch saw the dead couple.


He wrote: 

My glance fell first on Eva. She was seated with her legs drawn up, her head inclined towards Hitler. Her shoes were under the sofa.

Near her – the dead Hitler. His eyes were open and staring, his head had fallen forward slightly.

Misch claims that Hitler had already made arrangements with his adjutant that his body be burned to protect it from the public abuse that Mussolini’s corpse had been subjected to and also that he had releaseded all soldiers from their oath of loyalty.

In Hitler’s Last Witness Misch also reveals that Hitler and Braun were lovers long before they were married adding that when he was first introduced to Braun she was described as Hitler’s housekeeper but the pair were clearly intimate.


He claims there was a door between Hitler’s and Braun’s rooms and that he once spotted the future Mrs Hitler in a ‘flimsy nightie’ in the guest room.

Misch says that Eva was not afraid to die with her evil husband and t that she believed as she’d lived with him it was her duty to die with him.


Finally he revealed that Rudolf Hess’ attempts to negotiate a peace with the Allies was not part of Hitler’s plan and that the Führer could not believe he’d been betrayed asking: “Why has he done this to me?”

Misch passed away in 2013 but his book has finally been made available in the UK.