Adorable Service Dog Learns To Wear PPE So He Can Stay In Lab With Owner

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Adorable Service Dog Learns To Wear PPE So He Can Stay In Lab With OwnerSWNS

An adorable golden retriever has been trained to assist his disabled owner in a neuroscience laboratory.

Service dog Sampson even has specially-fitted PPE, including a lab coat, little dog boots and goggles, which he wears to help his owner, Joey Ramp, conduct her lab work.


Ramp, a neuroscientist, suffered traumatic head injuries during a horse-riding accident in 2006. After the incident, she went back to education to learn more about the human brain.


Sampson is the first-ever canine to be granted access to a laboratory at the University of Illinois, where Ramp is studying for a PhD.

‘If I drop something in the lab, he’ll come to my side and I can use him as a brace to kneel down and pick up what I need,’ Ramp explained.


The clever dog is also able to spot and react to signs of Ramp’s PTSD.

‘I couldn’t possibly navigate academics or a neuroscience program without his assistance,’ she said.


Ramp has been advocating for service dogs to be allowed into laboratories for a number of years, arguing that the restriction has barred ‘an entire population of students from entering lab work and ultimately the STEM field’.


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Under the guidelines that finally allow Sampson inside, the pup must wear the same PPE as his human colleagues and must be in direct sight of Ramp at all times.

He also had to learn to lie on a rubber-backed matt for up to four hours and retrieve items on command. While anyone would agree that Sampson looks undeniably adorable in his PPE, Ramp does not want this to distract from the seriousness of his job.

‘I really want people to start understanding that service dogs have a very high level of training,’ she said.

‘People with disabilities do want to study science, and to look at people with disabilities and service dog handlers with a view of making things more accessible to them is really important, and it’s time,’ she added.


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