Adrenaline Junkie Films Herself Plummeting To Earth After Hang Glider Snaps


Risk is part and parcel of any activity for adrenaline junkies, but this guy was lucky to escape alive when his hang glider plummeted to the earth.

51-year-old Jon Gjerde was gliding over a picturesque scene at Norway’s Ekstremsportveko festival when his aircraft appears to snap in two.

The champion hang glider can then be seen desperately struggling to take back any form of control as he hurtles toward the ground.

Gjerde does manage to slow the descent moderately after releasing an emergency parachute before guiding the crash toward the water below.

Gjerde hits the water at some speed, but according to the Daily Star escaped with only minor injuries.

He later said via Facebook:

My vision failed.

I struggled hard against g-force to get my rescue parachute out.

Occupational hazard perhaps, but that doesn’t make such an experience any less terrifying.