Afghanistan: Taliban ‘Set Amusement Park On Fire’ One Day After Footage Showed Militants Riding Dodgems

by : Emily Brown on : 19 Aug 2021 08:18
Afghanistan: Taliban Set Amusement Park On Fire One Day After Footage Circulated Of Militants Riding Dodgems@IhteshamAfghan/Twitter/@gothdad123

Taliban militants are accused of burning down an amusement park in Afghanistan just one day after footage showed them playing on dodgems.

The terrifying events unfolding in Afghanistan over the last few days have been interspersed with bizarre stories of the behaviour of some Taliban soldiers, with militants seen messing around at the gym in the presidential palace, playing on the dodgems, riding horses on a merry-go-round and bouncing on a trampoline.


Footage of such events marks a stark contrast to the panic and chaos unfolding in other areas of the country, where residents are fleeing their homes, desperately trying to board planes and wiping their internet history in an effort to avoid being targeted through online data.

It has not taken long for the bizarre scenes of the soldiers on the dodgems to take a threatening turn, however, as a new video has now surfaced online showing an amusement park enveloped in flames.

It is not clear whether the park that has been set alight is the same one where the soldiers were filmed playing, though The Independent notes the first video is thought to have been filmed in the north-western city of Herat while a Twitter user has claimed the second took place at a park in Begha, Sheberghan, around 10 hours away.


The Twitter user shared footage of the burning park, claiming it was the Bokhdi Amusement Park, stating it had been set alight by Taliban insurgents because there were ‘statues/idols standing there’ that were in ‘public access.’

See the footage below:

They explained: ‘Idols are illegal in Islam, This is the logic of the Taliban’s brutal emirate. The homeland is occupied.’


Following their takeover earlier this week, Taliban leaders promised a peaceful transition of power and declared ‘amnesty’ for all Afghans, though the landscape in the country proved threatening as armed fighters set up checkpoints and began patrols on the streets of Kabul.

While the number of checkpoints in operation has reportedly lessened in the days following the initial takeover, fighters continue to patrol the streets, and fear is still evident amid citizens as there is said to be a notable lack of women out and about.

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