Afghanistan: Taliban To Forbid ‘Westernised’ Clothing As People Stopped For Wearing Jeans, Reports Say

by : Hannah Smith on : 23 Aug 2021 17:33
Afghanistan: Taliban To Forbid 'Westernised' Clothing As People Stopped For Wearing Jeans, Reports SayPA

A group of young Afghans have claimed that they were ‘flogged’ for wearing jeans, as more reports emerge of Taliban fighters punishing people for wearing ‘westernised’ clothing.

In a widely shared Facebook post, a young Afghan man said he and his friends were accused by Taliban soldiers of disrespecting Islam, claiming that some of the group were then beaten and whipped while being threatened at gunpoint.


The man said he was targeted ‘walking with friends in Kabul,’ and that while some of the group were able to escape, others were attacked by fighters, in scenes reminiscent of life under the Taliban when the group last ruled Afghanistan.

Taliban fighters in Kabul (PA Images)PA Images

Under the regime’s previous rule, reports of men and women being attacked, and in some cases severely injured or even killed, for wearing ‘western’ clothing were widespread.

Over recent months, Taliban spokespeople have claimed the new regime will be more ‘modern’. However, with the group reportedly planning on reintroducing Sharia law into the country, many Afghans and international observers have raised concerns over possible reprisals.


Those concerns have mounted in recent days, with The Telegraph reporting that there have been several further incidents of young Afghan men being beaten for wearing ‘western’ clothing items like T-shirts and jeans.

A local newspaper, Etilaatroz, reported over the weekend that some of its journalists had themselves been attacked by Taliban fighters for not wearing ‘Afghan clothes’, despite a Taliban spokesperson telling the newspaper that a dress code for men had not yet been decided or implemented.

Afghan women wearing the burka (PA Images)PA Images

Reports of a dress code for Afghan men have also further heightened fears that women will once again suffer extreme repression under the Taliban.


There have already been reports of Taliban fighters forcing women to leave their jobs in Kabul and other cities, while a surge in demand for the Burka has reportedly seen prices double as women anticipate a return to life under extreme Sharia law.

Under the previous Taliban government, women were forced to wear the Burka from the age of eight, and were also banned from attending school or going to work.

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