After Burkini Ban, People Are Calling For Law Against Fat Men In Speedos

southern_comfort_beachSouthern Comfort

A few days ago, armed police officers forced a woman to take her ‘burkini’ off on a beach in the south of France – and it’s gone mega viral.

The move came as part of a controversial ban on full body swimsuits known as the ‘burkini’, claiming that it would help to liberate women from oppressive religious dress codes and help integration.

Translation: it ‘promotes freedom’ for Muslim women by restricting what they can wear. Kind of a contradicting move if you ask me.

Obviously, the whole world has realised how ridiculous the ban is, and they’ve come in with their own ideas instead. While France is going in hard on the burkini ban, why not go ahead and ban fat men in speedos while your at it?

If you’re going to brand any type of swimwear as offensive, it’s definitely going to be the budgie smuggler – not the burkini.

And it seems like everyone has the same idea. On Thursday, satirical news site The Mideast Beast, reported that Muslim women were demanding officials outlaw fat, white men in Speedos. But it seems that real calls from the public actually exist – just ask Twitter.

I, for one, am very much behind the return of the burkini and the ban of the banana hammock.