‘Aggressive Drunk’ Picks On Short Guy, Gets Brutal Comeuppance


It’s always great to see a drunk bully get his comeuppance when he tries to pick on someone smaller than him.

A new viral video shows the moment an ‘aggressive drunk’ picks on a smaller guy, only to quickly regret his actions when the shorter bloke fights back.

The short clip, shared on YouTube, shows the larger man towering over the other lad and threatening him, as the smaller man knowingly warns him: “Don’t touch me”.


And, clearly, this idiot should have heeded the advice. He keeps on pushing himself into the other guy and mutters expletives under his breath, before the smaller guy has clearly had enough and reacts.

He throws a brutal punch right to this guy’s chin, sending him down with one swift blow that Conor McGregor would be proud of.

We’ve no idea how this argument started but it’s fair to say that this guy finished it in no uncertain terms! Fair play.