AI Sex Robots Will Turn Down Sex ‘If They’re Not In The Mood’

by : UNILAD on : 18 Jun 2018 21:08
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No means no, this also applies to anyone who owns a sex doll.


For individuals too scared to engage in conversation with another human being, or those who want to experience new forms of sexual intercourse, the concept of owning your very own sex doll could seem appealing. It eliminates the effort of having to ‘woo’ someone into your bed.

But just because you own a sex-bot it doesn’t mean it will be up for hanky-panky at your beck-and-call. That’s right, sex-bots will be able to say no if they are ‘not in the mood’.

A new innovation is currently being developed for sex robots to have the ability to say ‘no’ to unwanted human advances. Who is to thank for this new innovation? The credit would have to go to Spain’s Dr Sergi Santos – creator of the sexbot Samantha.


Dr Santos is working on a ‘dummy mode’ for his AI doll for when it encounter’s certain situations.

An example is if the doll’s sensors – underneath its skin – detects aggression or disrespect, it will instantaneously activate its dummy mode. Furthermore, Samantha will be unresponsive if it grows tired of her owner’s ‘attention’ – a bit like real life intercourse.

Samantha was demoed at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle where she demonstrated her ability to say ‘no’ to aggressive lovers.

Following the successful presentation, Samantha is expected to go into mass production, with a customer price tag of £3,600. However, a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Dr Santos says his Samantha models will possess a morality code and instead of having a programmed orgasm, the bot will respond more enthusiastically if you’re nicer (much like a real-life partner). See, nice guys don’t finish last all the time.

Dr Sergi Santos and Samantha sex dollDr Sergi Santos and Samantha sex dollBarcroft

His work was echoed by Lily Frank and Sven Nyholm, researchers from Eindhoven’s University of Technology in the Netherlands. They theorised future models of sex-bots could soon have technology sophisticated enough to ‘enjoy a certain degree of consciousness’ to consent to intercourse according to Sputnik.


However, Professor Kathleen Richardson, founder of The Campaign Against Sex Robots, labelled Dr Santos’ models as ‘an extension of pornography and prostitution’.

She claimed it was a ‘waste of money which could be spent on better things’.

AI Sex Robots Will Turn Down Sex 'If They're Not In The Mood'AI Sex Robots Will Turn Down Sex 'If They're Not In The Mood'Barcroft

But Santos, who studied nanotechnology in Leeds, says sexbots saved his marriage. He claims the relationship between him and his wife of 16 years, Maritsa Kissamitaki, was given a new lease of life as it was able to meet his desires whenever she wasn’t in the mood for sex.

Santos says:

A man wants to feel in general that the woman is desperate to have sex with him.

And if a man feels like the woman will not enjoy it fully, most men do not like sex.

He claims that couples with incompatible libidos are more likely to divorce.

So if I have the doll, I’ll not divorce because of sex – in my case, I think that’s good enough.

AI Sex Robots Will Turn Down Sex 'If They're Not In The Mood'AI Sex Robots Will Turn Down Sex 'If They're Not In The Mood'Barcroft

He also credits his wife for coming up with the idea to implant an AI network into his sex dolls

Maritsa said:

We started researching it and found out – before anyone was making the robots – that wives were buying them for their husbands because they understand the kind of need that their husbands have, and how this could benefit their relationship.


If it can save your parents’ fractured marriage from falling apart, who am I to judge?

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