Airline Staff Reveal Their Secret Hand Signals When Talking About Passengers


EasyJet crew members have revealed the secret signals they use on flights to stealthily talk about passengers.

The complex hand gestures are used to pass messages from crew members down the narrow plane aisles, particularly when customers are ordering one of the delightful vac-pac culinary offerings on flights.

Bizarre signals were spotted by TV presenter, Jamie East and shared to Twitter in this video:

In response to East’s query, easyJet have happily obliged, giving away the deepest, darkest secrets of the airline industry and those who work within it.

Take note, United Airlines: This is how PR is done.

You can watch the full ‘internal’ video, courtesy of easyJet’s very public YouTube channel, below:

In an accompanying statement Tina Milton, the Head of Cabin Services, added:

With over 6 million passengers served each month, the ‘secret code’ has been invented to enable our cabin crew to deliver a speedy and efficient service, whilst keeping unnecessary crew noise to a minimum and provide passengers with a relaxing and enjoyable flight.

easyJet flight attendants are trained in all aspects of customer service and air safety, and the secret hand signals are an integral part of their inflight knowledge.

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent in-flight food service over the past 21 years, and our ‘secret code’ helps us to ensure customer satisfaction in a timely manner. Next time you’re on-board an easyJet flight, have a look to see which hand signals from the code you can spot!


While the legitimacy of all the so-called secret hand signals might be questionable, we’ve all supposedly learned something here and maybe even had fun doing so.

That warrants a metaphorical round of applause, even if the pilot’s landing doesn’t.


Crew members in the footage added, “…We have developed some secret hand signals to enable the crew to communicate with each other during the in-flight service minimising unnecessary chatter.”

Meanwhile, every office worker with an incessantly irritating colleague in the country is nodding in approval and planning to implement this genius ploy to get some peace and quiet at work.