Al-Qaeda Releases Chilling Terror Warning Ahead Of U.S. Election

Smoke Pours From The World Trade Center After Being Hit By Two Planes September 11 2001Getty

U.S. intelligence officials have issued a warning claiming that Al-Qaeda may well be plotting terrorist attacks to hit three major American cities in the days surrounding the presidential election. 

Although no cities have been explicitly named, New York, Texas, and Virginia are thought to have been the most likely targets for an attack, reports CBS.


Despite credibility not being confirmed, U.S. authorities are taking the threats very seriously.

A Senior FBI Official told CBS:

The counter-terrorism and homeland security communities remain vigilant and well-postured to defend against attacks here in the United States.

The FBI, working with our federal, state and local counterparts, shares and assesses intelligence on a daily basis and will continue to work closely with law enforcement and intelligence community partners to identify and disrupt any potential threat to public safety.

Officials in New York have also claimed that they have been made aware of the threat and are taking all necessary precautions and investigations into the alarming claims.


As Election Day gets closer and closer, federal law enforcement is planning for several worst-case scenarios.

The Presidential Election will take place on Tuesday evening.