Alabama Doctor Vows To Keep Giving Abortions Even After Ban

by : Lee Bennett on : 18 May 2019 20:29
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On Wednesday, Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill that would ban abortion care throughout the state of Alabama.

The new law, which won’t take effect for six months, has caused a huge public outcry from around the globe – and rightly so.


One Alabama doctor is already opposing the new bill. Dr. Yashica Robinson isn’t letting the new bill interfere with her work, confirming she will continue to provide abortions even after the ban is implemented.

Dr. Robinson, the medical director of the Alabama Women’s Centre for Reproductive Alternatives, penned an opinion piece published on CNN outlining her stance on the new bill – confirming she will not change her daily routine when the new legislation commences at the end of the year.

She said:


Just as I have for the last 15 years of my medical career, I will continue to deliver babies, give prenatal care – and provide abortions.

As a mother and a physician, this abortion ban is deeply personal. I carry both these identities with me as I care for women and honor their decisions to become parents or to terminate their pregnancies.

I understand the struggle to make that choice. I became pregnant when I was in high school. Because of my fear and lack of resources, I didn’t confide in my mother or grandmother until it was too late to have an abortion. I love my children with all my heart, but I know that everyone should be able to make this decision for themselves.

The bill, which bans abortions in nearly all cases – including both rape and incest – has ignited a huge media storm, with millions of people from around the world sharing their opinions on the matter.

Robinson shared her anger for the politicians that are forcing her to choose between ‘what is ethical and medically appropriate care – and breaking the law’ – furious that in the eyes of the law, women aren’t seen as responsible decision makers.


She continued:

I am appalled that I could get a more severe penalty (up to 99 years in prison) for providing safe abortion care than someone who commits second-degree rape.

And I hate that I am being placed in the position of reassuring my patients that abortion is still legal today — and for the foreseeable future — despite the actions of politicians in Birmingham.

With six months before the new legislation takes effect, Dr Yashica is hopeful the bill will face inevitable court challenges – and so does everyone here at UNILAD.

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