Alabama Rain Storm Compared To A ‘Portal To Another World’

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 02 Aug 2021 15:48
Alabama Rain Storm Compared To A ‘Portal To Another World’@knowledgehub/Twitter

A rainstorm has been compared to a ‘portal to another world’ as it passed through Alabama. 

The storm hit Alabama last week, with shocking footage going viral online.


Residents of Alabama have since took to Twitter to share their disbelief over the sight.

Factory workers can be heard shouting in the video, amazed by the strength of the wind and rain against the factory doors. One Twitter user reacting to the video said the factory doors and storm looked like a ‘portal to another world’.

The video has since amassed over 70,100 likes and 29,600 retweets with other Twitter users taking to the comments in shock. One said: ‘No Climate Change? It would appear the chickens have come home to roost this summer.’


Another commented:  ‘Just an FYI for everyone there are no tornados in Alabama today and we’re not expected any. That’s just a normal thunderstorm like you get all summer in the late afternoon’, while a third said: ‘When will everyone wake to climate change. Just look at this video. People seem to think this is natural. Wake people, this is not natural. Walk out in rain like that & you will drown in it.’

Check out the clip here:

A Reddit thread further revealed just how shocked the internet was at the strength of the storm. One said: ‘It looks like the door into a disaster movie.’


Another commented on the sort of damage a storm like that can cause: 

I live in Alabama and when we had that super-tornado outbreak on April 27th 2011, my neighborhood was in the path. My mom and I had gone to the basement like we always do when it stormed but my older brother was taking his time. When he finally came down, right after he walked past the window a piece of a 2×4 flew through it past mom and me.

After everything was over we went outside to check the damage. We had two trees on the house and a large one down in the yard. Fortunately there was little to no damage, besides not having clean water or electricity. There used to be so many trees you couldn’t see the next street over, but now you can see right through them.

A third joked: ‘Where Dementors are born.’

The storm has left the internet stunned by its scale and severity, with many users taking it as a prime opportunity to raise more awareness around the impact and growing issue of climate change.


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