Alan Carr Grows Beard And Looks Like Tormund Giantsbane


Comedian Alan Carr is a highly recognisable character, his distinct voice, his teeth, his glasses – but he’s gone all hipster on us.

Alan has ditched his trademark glasses, grown a beard and looks remarkably like Game of Thones’ Tormund Giantsbane – if you squint.

Posting a picture of his new look to his 281k Instagram followers, Carr wrote:

I think being hipster suits me.

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Fans were quick to comment, with some having to do a ‘double-take’.

One fan wrote:

I had to do a double take! So don’t look like you!

Another asked:

OMG… what happened to you ?????

While I think he looks like Tormund, (kind of),  Alan was compared to; Star Wars character, Chewbacca, Tom Hanks in Castaway, Brian Blessed and errr, Santa Claus (I can’t see that one).

I think being a hipster suits me ???

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Surprise surprise, not everyone was kind…

Someone asked him how long he’d been stranded for, or where he’d been living.

Don’t know about you, but I think he’s looking pretty good!